Flag Stories

I love to share the flag stories for inspiration, connection and celebration. If you have a story to share, please email it to info@arubymoon.com.


  • Flags were made by a group of friends in an office to show support and comfort for a co-worker battling cancer. The flag later became an important and cherished keepsake for her daughters.

  • A huge set of flags were created by middle school students to support a classmate bravely battling cancer.

  • Flags were anonymously hung on a porch to celebrate and support a friend battling cancer.

  • A set of flags were decorated but friends and hung in a man's hospital room to show love and support.


  • Flags were created by a family to celebrate and remember their mom. They hung the flags at the site they had scattered their mom's ashes as a beautiful way to honor and remember her. Through the flags, their words and memories will be carried out on the wind.
  • Flags were decorated by friends and family members to honor a loved one lost and given to his father to celebrate his life.

New Baby

  • A third grade class made a unique baby gift for their teacher by each creating a panel. They presented the flags to their teacher before she went on maternity leave. A wonderful and original way to welcome a new little one!
  • Sets of flags have been collectively created by people to share inspiration, advice celebration of a new little one at a shower.
  • Custom sets of flags have been created to decorate nurseries with quotes and drawings to celebrate and inspire.


  • Friends gathered this past New Years Eve and each created a set of flags, with what they wanted to invite into their lives during the coming year. I saw them at a recent show and they told me the flags hang in their home as a bright and beautiful daily reminder of what they are working towards and welcoming this year.
  • Flags have hung at sporting events full of messages of encouragement and support for the athletes.
  • Teachers have used flags in their classrooms to inspire and encourage students.


  • A beloved mother and grandmother was presented with a beautiful set of flags to honor her 75th birthday, with each panel created by a different member of the family.
  • A 50th wedding anniversary was celebrated by a family who each created a panel to celebrate a long and loving marriage.
  • A set of flags became a 9-year-old's birthday gift. At the sleepover party, all the girls created a flag to capture what they loved and thought was special about their friend. Now it hangs, all colorful and inspiring in her room.
  • 5O flag panels were created by a family to celebrate 50 great things about their dad on his 50th birthday.

It is a joy to hear and see what you all create with arubymoon products. Thank you for sharing these moments with us!